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Special note about these: Due to the differences between leg proportions, and skin tone, from person to person, these may not exactly match your skin tone when worn, they tend to be lighter when worn, and the detail of the highlights and the finer shading may or may not get lost when worn, depending on how much the tights are stretched when worn. The samples we got of these all lined up on a variety of different people's knees, and will most likely line up with your knees, but the ankle joints may be slightly further down or higher up than your natural ankle depending upon your foot size. We're currently working on other colors, including a tan version. The worn photo shows the sample pair of the peach color, the final tights (as shown in the main photo) have a few changes, including a slightly darker color base color.

Please be aware that this is a preorder!

All tights orders will be sent to the printers on the first Monday of the month, provided that there are at least 6 tights orders that month (And there will most likely be more than enough! Past preorders have show that!). Generally tights take about 4-6 weeks to be manufactured and sent to me, once they arrive to me they will be sorted, packaged, and shipped within 2 weeks. On occasion we might experience printing delays for one reason or another. You can generally expect pre-ordered tights to arrive about 2-3 months after they're ordered. By printing "on demand" we can offer a much wider variety of designs and colors!

NOTE ABOUT COLORS: I've tried to make the sample image colors as close to real life colors as possible, but there may be some slight variation in the actual item's color. Colors may be lighter in real life due to the printing process. So please expect some variation in color.

*Regular size fits 5'-5'8" 100-160lbs
*Large size fits 5'7-6'2 150-200 lbs
Please specify a size during checkout, if you do not specify which size you would like, you will receive the "regular" size.

MATERIAL: 80% nylon 20% spandex microfiber

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